Small, simple, powerful web UI and micro front end creation ... Great ideas from Svelte, React, Vue and Riot plus more combined into one small (but not tiny) tool: 8.5K (minified/gzipped)

#### What You Get 1) No pre-deployment transpilation/compilation required. 1) No virtual DOM. The Lightview dependency tracker targets just those nodes that need updates. 1) Reactive [string template literals](./tutorial/1-intro-to-variables.html) for content and attribute value replacement. 1) Automatic [import, export](./tutorial/2-imported-and-exported-variables.html) and [cross-component sync](./tutorial/5.1-extended-functional-types.html) for attributes/variables. 1) Svelte like variable usage, i.e. write your state modifying code like normal code. 1) TypeScript like [runtime type checking](./tutorial/3-data-types.html) of variables in components. 1) [Extended variable type declarations](./tutorial/4-extended-data-types.html) including `min`, `max` and `step` on `number` or limits on `string` and `array` lengths. 1) Automatic server retrieval and update of [variables declared as remote](./tutorial/5-extended-functional-types.html). 1) [Single file](./tutorial/9-intro-to-components.html) and [template](./tutorial/10-template-components.html) components. 1) [Automatic input field variable creation and binding](./tutorial/14-automatic-variable-creation.html). 1) Attribute directives like [l-if](./tutorial/16-if-directive.html), and a powerful [l-for](./tutorial/17-loop-directives.html) that handles array and object keys, values, and entries. 1) Sandboxed remote components and micro front ends. 1) Unit testable components and a debug mode for using standard JavaScript debuggers. 1) A [component library](./components/chart-repl.html) including charts and gauges that work in Markdown files. A ToDo demo does not get much simpler than this:
If you like what you get on the front-end with `Lightview`, check out our back-end reactive framework `Watchlight` at []( or our time/clock library `Timewave` at [](